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  • Yujiro Tsuji
  • Yujiro Tsuji
  • Yujiro Tsuji
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辻 裕次郎 / Yujiro Tsuji
BIRTH: 5/14/1985
HEIGHT: 172cm
HOMETOWN: Kaifu,Tokushima


Yujiro met Kohei in the summer when he was 11 years old. He experienced the North Shore winter for the first time when he was 12 and was also the first Japanese to train in Australia. From a young age, Yujiro has been carrying the Japanese flag over his head, competing in the thriving junior professional tour and has come to pave the way as an excellent competitor. After competing in the world tour for 4 years, he was crowned as the Japanese Professional Surfing Champion in 2014. It was the last year of his 20s and the win was a great asset to both him and 303. Yujiro is best in Japan with his signature backhand maneuver, from surfing small waves to the barrels of Hawaii’s Pipeline, he hones his brilliant surf style in any wave, and is expected to bring the fascination of surfing to others not only as a competitor but as a free surfer.